Become an Observer with HBAM

Why be an observer?

When you talk to any observer in HBAM they will tell you two things, they do the job because they want to give something back to the group after they were helped to get their green badge and that there is no better feeling than the one you get when hearing your associate say ‘I passed my test, thank you for all your help’.

Is it right for you?


It does require commitment to the group and its aims, someone who wants to put something back, not just working with an associate but also supporting other training events, joining in with group rides and supporting recruitment events.  An observer is primarily a trainer/coach for an associate but also an ambassador and salesman for the group. Observers need to be able to communicate and relate to associates with a range of skill levels, experiences and from different backgrounds.

You will also need a certain riding skill level; as an observer there will be times when you need to demonstrate the right way to do things and not necessarily just to your associate. When observing you need to ride your own ride, follow your associate, assess their riding, feedback on their riding and also identify actions to improve their riding - and to do it all maintaining yours and their safety.

Our part of the bargain in you becoming an observer is to give you the training, coaching and mentoring to become an observer and then to keep your observing skills as high as we can.

It can be a demanding role requiring a significant time commitment both in the training phase and more so when you are an active observer, but it is also probably the most rewarding role to enjoy within HBAM.

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