Refresh your Advanced Skills with HBAM

The GBH Skills Refresher Programme offers skills refresher opportunities ranging from a single observed ride to participating in HBAM training to improve specific skills such as Look, Lean and Roll (LLR), Slow riding, theory review to a series of observed rides leading to the Fellow qualification test or IAM retest – maybe to gain a F1RST. How much or how little you do is entirely up to you.

The GBH Skills Refresher Programme will start with an observed ride with one of HBAM’s National Observers.

Your Observer will

·         provide feedback on your current skill level

·          advise on how to improve them

·         and a small number of areas for your immediate focus

What will it cost?  As the Observers are giving up their time we ask that you make a £15.00 petrol contribution for each observed ride. There are sometimes other costs or contributions involved for events like Look Lean and Roll and also Slow Riding, those will be made clear on the information provided by the organisers of the event. They are all very modest, we just aim to cover our actual costs.

So to take part it has been made as easy and convenient as possible for everyone that is interested. Click the box below and let me know your:

·         Approximate location

·         General Availability – weekdays/weekends/evenings (specific dates not needed now)

·         Mobile no

Or if you just want some more information then click to email us and we will be in touch