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As well being a road safety charity HBAM is also a bike club and so we have an active social calendar throughout the year.

We meet on the first Tuesday evening of each month for a chance to hear the news from the Group, listen to a talk on a motorcycling topic (in the winter months), go for a ride (in the summer), or just have a chat with your friends.

Bennets Lodge

21A Leyton Road



Group night venue


Group Rides



These are all about having fun riding in a group with like minded riders. Because we always ride to the high standards of IAM RoadSmart, they are a great way to practice and improve your skills  We always ride a selection of well chosen A/B roads as well as some country lanes and end up in an interesting location making every ride very enjoyable. Make no mistake there are lots of great roads in and around the Herts and Beds area and we like to take every opportunity to ride them!


They are a great opportunity to get to know other people in the club, practice the advanced style and have fun doing what we all enjoy. Riding with other advanced riders means that you know that you are going on a ride where no-one will do anything stupid, the pace will not leave you behind, you won’t get lost and that there will be other riders looking out for you. It allows you to relax and enjoy the ride!

Ride Format


HBAM uses the tried and tested marker system for rides. Each ride is led and organised by a Ride Leader who will work out where we start, where we go, where we stop for lunch etc. The Ride Leader will appoint a Tail End Charlie who will be a Qualified Observer with the club. For those who don't know this system: The Ride Leader sets off, followed by all the other ride members with the Tail End bringing up the rear.

Whenever the Ride Leader makes a turning they will indicate for the person behind them to stop and mark the turn. That person indicates to all the riders behind them where to go until the Tail End comes along when they set off again. They follow the directions of all the other markers until they get to position 2 behind the Ride Leader, who again tells them to mark a corner. 

You can read more in our Group Ride Policy .

A typical ride will start at about 10am, stop for a spot of lunch for an hour or so then a ride back.


Experience Levels


HBAM splits its social rides into three types: Associates Rides - where the emphasis is on helping those who are preparing for their test; All Abilities - these rides are suitable for all members. The pace is measured so they provide a great opportunity for Associates to practice and observe the style of the Full Members. Full Members Rides - ridden at the advanced standard so only open to those who have passed their test. This way we provide rides for all members according to their ability.


Where do we go?


Rides vary in length from Sunday morning outings to long weekends so we have a variety of destinations. Recent examples include:

  • Grafham Water

  • Finchingfield

  • The South Downs

  • The Shuttleworth Collection

  • Flatford Mill


Continental Jaunts

Once a year HBAM members often arrange their own ride to the Continent for a long weekend. These rides take in the best of the Continent's roads and scenery as well as taking the opportunity to sample their food and drink. Recent examples include France, Germany, Luxembourg and although not technically Continental, Scotland.

HBAM is a strong supporter of Bikerdown, and they generously let us use their premises for events

The course dates for 2023 haven't been decided yet. Below is a link to the website for Bedfordshire, or you can search for them or the Herts equivalent on Facebook to get the latest information.


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