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The Advanced Riding Course

First step...

Once you have booked the course, we will join you to the Group and allocate an Observer in your area to you. They will be in touch to arrange your first assessed ride.


They will meet you at a mutually agreed place and will look after your development from start to finish.

Trip Planning

Observed rides...

The first ride will be a chance for your Observer to follow you and learn more about your riding, noting the areas where you need help.  These will be discussed between you and guidance on ways to improve suggested to you,


Each subsequent ride will build on the one before. 

Course material

The course handbook is essential reading and will be used to help you develop a systematic approach to any riding situation.

Once you are ready, your Observer will put you forward for a pre-test Check Ride with one of our Assessors

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 17.06.59.png

Pre test Check ride

This is a good way to get a feel for what happens on the IAM test, and provides a double check that you are at the riding standard required to pass comfortably.


After that, you will be put forward for the IAM test. The Examiner will contact you to arrange it....

The IAM test

It is a 90 minute, one to one, assessed ride with an IAM Examiner, who will be a very experienced and highly trained rider. Their feedback is well worth the course fee on its own!


Here you will get to demonstrate your new skills to the Examiner who will then give you a detailed appraisal of your ride.


If they think you have shown enough skill they will recommend to the IAM that they grant you full membership.

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